Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sonic and the Black Knight

Already mentioned this on my DA page, but I was one of 20 European winners to get their fan art featured in the new Wii game Sonic and the Black Knight.
Someone's posted up this vid, mine's the last one. Also look out for my fellow STC-O artists Adamis and Jin-Chan!


  1. Dude! Well done, that's awesome :D

  2. Awesome! Do you reckon the fact that they picked yours to be the last one means they liked it the most? I reckon it does.

  3. Kate: Cheers! I've been a Sonic geek since I was small so was well chuffed!

    Sam: Thanks man, I couldn't really say though. I haven't checked but I thought it was maybe in alphabetical order of forename (I'm used to coming last in the register you see!)