Thursday, June 17, 2010

E3 and stuff!

Whoah, Have the gamers amongst you seen the new Nintendo handheld- the 3DS yet?
It looks monstrously impressive! It looks to be somewhere between an N64 and a Gamecube in terms of visual fidelity and displays its games (and feature films) in full, glasses-free 3d!
I'm really looking forward to it, the games lineup looks strong too. Also announced at E3 are the new Zelda Wii game; Skyward Sword, a new Donkey Kong Country and a beautiful looking Kirby game for Wii, Portal 2 for PS3 and a whole heap of other goodies!
I don't really see the appeal of Microsoft's Kinect yet, but I'm sure they'll pull some good gaming experiences out of the bag for it, I can only imagine that it'll feel pretty gimmicky and floaty though- we'll have to see!

Here's a completely unrelated sketch, a quick digital doodle I slapped some colours over!
I should try to do a few new game-related sketches soon!


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