Sunday, September 23, 2012


Just got back from N.I.C.E.: The Northants International Comics Expo at Wicksteed Park where I had a table with my pal Matt Smith who was selling his awesome minicomic 'The Long Winter War' (with free cut-out and make card figures!).
My friends James Anson and James Khan came down too for their first convention- they loved it!
 I sold out of the first batch of Monstrosity but I intend to print more to sell at cons next year.
I also enjoyed doing lots of drawing for people, here are all the sketches that I remembered to photograph- there were quite a few others which I completely forgot to snap though, including drawings of Green Lantern, Vegeta, Kaneda and Iron Man.

The last one was a collabo between myself and Matt by the way!

To everybody I saw there- it was great to catch up with or meet you, hopefully see you all again next year!

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