Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Nikki and I popped into Waitrose today and saw the two-week-old issue 38 of the Phoenix in there!

One part of me was annoyed, thinking that it should have sold by now, but another part was delighted, as it's the first time I've ever seen a comic cover I've drawn on a store shelf!

I must admit that we did move it from another shelf for a clearer shot (and shuffled the other copies of the Phoenix to pride-of-place on the front shelf before we left!) but hey, more kids should get to see the Phoenix- I'm doing them a favour!


  1. Ohhhh what a feeling, you must be dancing on the ceiling!

  2. congrats! I'll try to remember to put these comics out in front the next time I'm at waitrose too.

    1. Thanks buddy!
      Haha, yeah if you can give it a bit of extra visibility then that's great man!