Monday, November 5, 2012

The Phoenix visits Tales on Moon Lane!

Hi guys!
I'm reposting most of this from The Phoenix's news feed- to summarize, on Monday the 29th October, Will and Liz from Phoenix HQ along with myself did a workshop at the fabulous Tales on Moon Lane children's bookstore at Herne Hill, London!

Basically, the kids were asked for their ideas for a character and what his story should be whilst I drew it as rapidly as possible on a flip chart! This comics jam session resulted in the zany adventure below.
Here are some photo's and some text which I cheekily thieved off The Phoenix's site about the event!

Our hero for the day … Benji the space-dog.
We meet Benji here after he has successfully rescued the special acid-filled space crystal from the evil aliens! The only problem is he hasn’t managed to shake them all off, an evil cyclops-skull is in hot pursuit….

… Never fear though because as are all aware, if there are two things that we know from school, its that 2+2 = 4 and that the only way to defeat an evil Cyclops skull is to fire poisonous ham sandwiches at it!
Threat defeated Benji shoots back to earth…

… To deliver the space crystal into the hands of the jubilant Museum Curator for safe keeping. A good job well done!

After this, the children were tasked with creating their own comics, they came up with some fantastic ideas and it was a real treat to see a new generation of comic creators' early works!

Thanks to Will and Liz, plus the others who helped orchestrate this event behind the scenes at Team Phoenix. Thanks also to Tamara and George at Tales on Moon Lane for being exceptionally welcoming and generous!
And last but certainly not least, thanks to all the children who attended for your enthusiasm and incredibly creative suggestions, we had a real blast making comics with you!

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