Friday, January 4, 2013

The Phoenix goes Digital!

Happy New Year everyone!
News just in from The Phoenix HQ.......

It’s a new year and a new day and we’re feeling good! Not only that but we have something BIG to tell you … so take a seat because our new is so SUPER EXCITING it may just knock your socks off!
You know that you an already get the great paper edition of The Phoenix every week … well now you can also get it on the iPad!
That’s right, The Phoenix has gone digital, so now you can choose how you want to read the weekly story comic!
Want it through the post? No problem! Like reading your Phoenix on the iPad? Great! Want both? Even better!
The Phoenix app is available RIGHT NOW!
It’s FREE to download and comes with a brilliant free sample issue so you can see how the app works! Once downloaded you can get individual issues or subscribe via in app purchases! For the first week of the app’s life there is a RIDICULOUSLY AMAZING offer available, so go ahead and check it out- just click any of these images!

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