Tuesday, May 7, 2013

The Oxford Children's Comic Festival roundup!

Saturday's 'Oxford Children's Comic Festival' was a huge success and a really exciting event to be a part of! Above is a news clip from Meridian tonight- I think perhaps I was mistaken for a child whilst being sat at the drawing table (I'm in the blue t-shirt!)

I was really impressed by all of the young attendees' enthusiasm for comics- there was a real buzz for the medium running through the whole event. This was especially noticeable near the entrance where two very talented 12-year-old creators were selling their wares- Jordan Vigay with his comic 'The Red Crow' and Zoom Rockwell with his comic 'The Zoom'! I really admired the passion for comics that they both possessed and the fact that they were confident enough in their work to sell it to the public was great to see. They have every right to be confident too as both comics were full of genuinely funny strips- I expect to see great things from these two in the future and I hope that more young creators follow their lead!

Neill Cameron was the ringleader in a day-long event at the festival- The Mega-Comic (as I have just decided to call it).

Here's me drawing the second panel (image courtesy of Neill's blog)
Here are a few shots of the completed comic, I think it came out looking pretty darn awesome! There's also a great step by step guide to it's creation over on Neill's blog !HERE!

And here's a proper look at the comic (stolen from Sarah McIntyre's blog!) Sarah's also done a great round-up of the event on her blog, which you can check out !HERE!

There was lots more, including workshops, Ice Creams, Pizza from a van and the brilliant comic Loaf, but I can only type for so long before I need to get back to the drawing desk!

I've got to give a massive thanks on behalf of everyone who enjoyed the day to the organisers over at at The Phoenix and The Story Museum for putting on a fantastic event- I can't wait for next year's festival!

And last but definitely not least, here's a fantastic drawing that aspiring comic artist Finn Browne gave me towards the end of the day- I was really impressed by his drawings- I think he's got a bright future in comics ahead of him!

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  1. Nice stuff Zak, if I had known I would have brought my son..maybe next time :)