Friday, July 12, 2013

Sonic The Comic 20th Anniversary

STC Online have been doing a tremendous job of celebrating the 20th Anniversary of Sonic The Comic, the UK's excellent Sonic the Hedgehog comic which ceased production over 10 years ago.

STC Online is a fan-made continuation of the original Egmont-Fleetway published print comics, although it has had the full support and encouragement of the original creators since day 1. That support is felt very much in the latest issue, where a huge number of creators from the original and online incarnations of the comic have all shared their thoughts on it and, even better, contributed new pieces of art to the comic! Nigel Kitching and Nigel Dobbyn even collaborated alongside STC-O's Michael Corker on the lead strip which was a real treat for a big STC geek like me!

For people who aren't up on STC's long backstory there's a new comic strip being updated on a weekly basis, with contributions from both the original and new creators, that retells the entire history in brief, read it :here:

I contributed a couple of illustrations to the special- a drawing of Sonic for one of the covers as well as a panel for the catch-up strip, which was added to the site today.
Here they are:


  1. Hi Zak, love the attention to detail and the color direction is great too! great work!